Sterling Iron Filtration

Sterling Water Treatment is a true manufacturer not merely an assembler. A wide range of components are made in our Indiana facility. Our design team has focused on new products that are far more efficient, easier to service and provide more value to the consumer. As the leading supplier to the plumbing and well supply industries, Sterling products are sold only by licensed contractors in North America. Sterling began manufacturing in 1934. Most of the time since then, the company has been under the same family ownership.
The OXY3 Iron Filters reduce staining, eliminate odors and protect the plumbing system. This two tank oxidation system has a substantial air reserve to precipitate iron without a frequent backwash requirement. This saves on the amount of water used to clean the filter and the amount discharged to a septic or sewer system. It also allows for a long retention time for complete precipitation. These filters have to perform in very rough water conditions, so a very powerful and robust control valve is employed. These filters also have the ability to raise the pH of acidic water. A large fill port make media replenishment very easy, if the raw water has a low pH. No air compressors or chemicals are required.

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