Delta Faucets at Lake Contracting Co's in Celina, West Central Ohio

Delta Faucets at Lake Contracting Co’s in Celina, West Central Ohio

Lake Contracting Co. offers Delta and Kohler faucets in a range of designs, materials and styles to fit every home’s personality. Lake Contracting Co. offers full kitchen remodels as well as new home kitchen fixtures. Our knowledgeable plumbing and electrical staff is perfect for installing your new kitchen fixtures to keep the process as clean and efficient as possible. Learn more about the kitchen sinks we offer for your new kitchen.

Our Delta faucets feature the best technology, such as Delta DIAMOND Seal Technology. Delta DIAMOND Seal Technology means that your sink will be leak-free, longer lasting, lead-free and offer you less hassle. This new, exclusive technology means that you don’t need to worry about harmful metal contaminants getting into your water. Delta faucets keep water conservation as a forefront concern so that your home can make every drop of water count, which is good both for the environment and your house’s monthly bills. Delta faucets are pure, efficient and sustainable, and we are happy to help you learn how to maximize the life span of your Delta kitchen fixtures.

Lake Contracting Co. also feature Kohler faucets for your kitchen remodels as well as your new home kitchen. Kohler faucets offer streamlined beauty with superb functionality to ensure that your kitchen matches your home’s personality. We feature a range of styles by Kohler such as iconic styles from the past as well as more modern beauty for the future. Kohler makes efficiency and water conservation a priority in all of their products, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that will last long and save your money and the earth’s water supply in the process.

To learn more about the Kohler and Delta faucets that we offer at Lake Contracting Co. please visit our showroom in Celina, Ohio, to speak with one of our trained sales team members.